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  3. flippyspoon:


    Supper quick clip with Jimmy from ep 1. (x)




    I definitely did not step outside to watch a 9 second clip. That would be ludicrous, childish, and unprofessional. In other news - it’s lovely outside! So nice and fall-like. ;)

    HNNNNGGGG JIMMY SPEAK POLITICS TO ME YOU SEXY THING YOU. They sound even better in that voice of yours. Rawr. 

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  4. krimsnkrams:

a little drawing of Philip I made the other day

ohhhh he’s just lovely! :) 


    a little drawing of Philip I made the other day

    ohhhh he’s just lovely! :) 

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  5. Who is the best Downton Abbey character of all time?






    Pamuk is #2 right now, so yeah.

    Team Bates now holding 1 and 2…

    Give Thomas some lovin’, guys!

    How come Pamuk has that many votes? On what universe is he a good character? He is handsome and sexy, yes, but he’s barely a “character”. We know nothing about me.

    Ugh, I hate all this popularity contests (I still voted though) 

    Reblogging and highly suggesting that you vote in solidarity with Thomas! 

    Put in my vote! Oh, look, Bates is winning. *snore*

  6. hiddenbrugh:

    Sorry for taking like 98137498798234749 years to reply, hmm I don’t really know where to watch it live if you want a stream but I guess this link may help {link}, and if you keep track of the #Downton Abbey tag, usually some posts with livestream links appear around there a few hours before it airs. :)

    I personally wait for the torrent file to be uploaded, because I need it for giffing anyway, plus the quality is better. I like this page, they update within one hour from airing and offer both direct and torrent download options. {link}

    Good resources! I use EZTV as well. :)

    PS - the episode airs on Sunday the 21st, not Saturday!

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  7. Just in case anyone was somehow wondering if I was going to be watching it starting this Sunday. I do realize it doesn’t air on PBS until December and that some of my followers may want to watch it then. ALL REACTION POSTS WILL BE TAGGED WITH #SEASON 5#DOWNTON ABBEY SPOILERS. :)

    Now I just need to go stock up on some bourbon…

  8. bedwyrssong:

    I’m not about to go and condemn a whole plotline without seeing it in action—well, not unless it’s another unnecessary heterosexual love polygon with bland characters—and as we’ve seen today I have plenty of anxiety in my life to deal with without worry over what’s going to happen to my favorite fictional gay underbutler this season, but let me just say a few words about why it is important to me that Thomas has not struggled with his sexuality up until now, and why I would prefer that he continue not to do so.

    [note that it’s been a long day and this is fairly late; it’s quite possible I’ll wake up in the morning having changed my mind about a lot of this]

    Read More

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  9. jimmy-kent-at-your-service:

    I didn’t agree to this, I don’t want to go.
    And Lady Anstruther smells like Shalimar.
    I HATE Shalimar.

    *clings on for dear life*

    NEVER GO :(

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  10. Me right now. Why, Fellowes, whyyyyyyy?

    Me right now. Why, Fellowes, whyyyyyyy?


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