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UK Premiere date!


The final episode of The Village will be shown on Sunday, September 14, and Downton will begin the following Sunday [September 21]. (x)

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Tiny quote from an Anna Chancellor interview I just found:

The actress remains tight-lipped about her role on ‘Downton’ in which she
will play the former employer of servant Jimmy Kent (Ed Speleers) in the
first episode.

She said: ”It was literally a week’s filming for me. It was rather

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Ooooh, thanks Flippy!

Had to look up what “flash in the pan” meant, so in case anyone else didn’t get it either:

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Oh thanks flippy and girlwithaweirdname! Yeah hopefully her appearance will be sort of a brief and intense prelude to jimmy’s continuing storyline

*holds onto her last thread of hope desperately*

*nods ferociously*

a moment's peace before the fall by philthestone →

Since someone, I believed it was Flippy?, mentioned Mary giving George the good luck charm when he’s called to serve in WWII and I stumbled upon this on AO3 I figured I should share it. It’s quite good. :)

afewreelthoughts asked: Jimmy, Edward, Matthew, Branson






Cuddle Edward, poor lamb. Marry Branson because I feel like he’d be a dollface as a husband. Kiss Jimmy; he can even put his hand up my skirt if he fancies. Push Matthew away!

Push Matthew towards me, you mean

I would, but he got ran over by that lorry.

dare you


Anonymous asked: Imagine Jimmy frantically searching for Thomas after the fire when he realizes nearly everyone has made it out safely except him. Imagine Jimmy crushing Thomas in a (v. manly) hug when he finally emerges clutching baby Sybbie in his arms.



(careful, jammers, don’t crush the kid)






so if thomas is the one who almost has to leave in ep1 what if the ‘bromance’ thing is because jimmy’s like, “mr. barrow, you aren’t really going to have go, are you?” 

oh dear god

*breathes into a paper bag*



just just just thomas having a friend who he’s already been through a bunch of bad shit with and who looks at him like that and confides in him i just cannot

(whale song noises)

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From Unreality TV


First of all, we urge you to prepare yourself for Molesley’s (Kevin Doyle) new storyline, which involves a sticky black substance, a hilarious bath scene and banishment from upstairs.

Then there’s the saga of Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) and her little girl, Marigold, who has been sent to live with the neighbouring Drewe family, but could the short distance between mother and daughter prove to be too much for poor Edith?

Another string left hanging from last series is the secret that Barrow (Rob James Collier) had over Miss Baxter (Raquel Cassidy), which we are very pleased to tell you is revealed in the very first episode of the new series.

The situation arises when, after the bullying of Barrow intensifies, Baxter is forced to reveal the blackmailing to her friend Molesley who then urges her to tell Lady Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) about her deep secret, before Barrow does.

We can tell you that Baxter does indeed confess her dark secret to her boss, but will it affect her place in Downton?

We can also tell you that when Lady Cora finds out about the blackmail, she is far from happy with Barrow but, when his own future at the Abbey looks to be in question, like a cat with nine lives, Barrow manages to redeem himself yet again. But how?

There’s also drama for another member of the serving staff, which will leave us wondering until the very last moment of episode one if they will be back for episode two….

In other news, The Dowager Countess tries to play cupid for Isobel (Penelope Wilton) but just what trick does she have up her sleeve? Branson (Allen Leech) rekindles his friendship with school teacher Sarah Buntin (Daisy Lowe) with a little help from Lady Rose (Lily James) but Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) is far from pleased with the relationship, especially when it causes some unpleasantness at his anniversary meal.

Finally, Lady Edith manages to set fire to her bedroom after the party, causing everyone to have to evacuate the house, but in the process, a shocked Lord Grantham walks in on a rather compromising situation between two other characters…


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[…] Jimmy, the footman, puts it to his fellow servants: “When did we last have a politician who understood the working class?

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(Inhales deeply from oxygen mask)

Holy fuck

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:) I am delighted to see Jimmy being given depth and character development - not totally out of line from what we’ve seen of him before (e.g. the Transubstantiation conversation) but he’d been so underdeveloped, I’ll be thrilled to see him get depth as a character and intellectual depth and opinions and things like that - awesome…

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I’m so psyched.

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Today at work has been a stress crunch of epic proportions but then I sneak on here and I find out that Thommy friendship is a thing this season and