1. I am coping well with this show I’m watching!

    I am coping well with this show I’m watching!

  2. For anyone who may be curious here is a list of the teas we had the privilege of trying at the Downton Abbey tea this past weekend. I’ve tried all but the Dowager Countess Grey and the Carson’s Below Stairs but I can safely say they smelled as amazing as the other three. :)

    Branson’s Private Blend is now among my very favorite go to comfort teas!

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  5. flippyspoon:


    Supper quick clip with Jimmy from ep 1. (x)




    I definitely did not step outside to watch a 9 second clip. That would be ludicrous, childish, and unprofessional. In other news - it’s lovely outside! So nice and fall-like. ;)

    HNNNNGGGG JIMMY SPEAK POLITICS TO ME YOU SEXY THING YOU. They sound even better in that voice of yours. Rawr. 

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  6. krimsnkrams:

a little drawing of Philip I made the other day

ohhhh he’s just lovely! :) 


    a little drawing of Philip I made the other day

    ohhhh he’s just lovely! :) 

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  7. Who is the best Downton Abbey character of all time?






    Pamuk is #2 right now, so yeah.

    Team Bates now holding 1 and 2…

    Give Thomas some lovin’, guys!

    How come Pamuk has that many votes? On what universe is he a good character? He is handsome and sexy, yes, but he’s barely a “character”. We know nothing about me.

    Ugh, I hate all this popularity contests (I still voted though) 

    Reblogging and highly suggesting that you vote in solidarity with Thomas! 

    Put in my vote! Oh, look, Bates is winning. *snore*

  8. hiddenbrugh:

    Sorry for taking like 98137498798234749 years to reply, hmm I don’t really know where to watch it live if you want a stream but I guess this link may help {link}, and if you keep track of the #Downton Abbey tag, usually some posts with livestream links appear around there a few hours before it airs. :)

    I personally wait for the torrent file to be uploaded, because I need it for giffing anyway, plus the quality is better. I like this page, they update within one hour from airing and offer both direct and torrent download options. {link}

    Good resources! I use EZTV as well. :)

    PS - the episode airs on Sunday the 21st, not Saturday!

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  9. Just in case anyone was somehow wondering if I was going to be watching it starting this Sunday. I do realize it doesn’t air on PBS until December and that some of my followers may want to watch it then. ALL REACTION POSTS WILL BE TAGGED WITH #SEASON 5#DOWNTON ABBEY SPOILERS. :)

    Now I just need to go stock up on some bourbon…


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